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28 October

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The consortium, the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and PMI Belgium are happy to announce the first conference in Belgium. The theme of the conference is minimalist project management. Both national and international project management experts will speak about the increasing complexity of projects and project management methods and how project managers can deal with this.


Registration and breakfast


Why the world needs - Nader K. Rad


A practical approach for minimalist project management - Grégor Nicolas


Lunch and networking



How to make peer reviews, lessons learned, and satisfaction evaluations more inclusive - Barbara Goffioul


Continual improvement as a habit - Serge Huybrechts


Ethical cheating in practice - Øivind Haugland


Coffee break


Collaboration, Team work and Inclusivity in Pharma Projects

- Kamil Mroz


The many advantages of peer reviews - Frank Turley


The community - Maurits van de Plas


Drinks and networking





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Frank Turley

Frank Turley is a project management author, speaker, and adviser, with more than 16 years of experience in project management. He has trained hundreds of project managers in various methodologies. Frank’s mission is to change the way the world learns and practices project management. He does this through practical PM training with, sharing training material, sample projects, and highlighting the more important PM techniques.

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Nader started working with projects about 24 years ago: first, as a project planner in construction projects, and then he moved to large process-plant projects and in parallel, was also involved in IT projects and startups. Nader gradually moved from project planning into the wider project management domain by helping project managers and companies improve their project, program, and portfolio management systems. Nowadays, Nader is spending most of my time contributing to standards (, NUPP, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, and the PMBOK® Guide). He is one of the key contributors to as well as the 7th edition of the PMBOK® Guide.

Nader K. Rad

Grégor Nicolas

With more than 15 years of experience in different industries, Grégor has sharpened his skills in projects allowing him to do what he loves while contributing to the world of doers. Grégor is on a mission to improve projects, operations, and results in the world. Born in Haiti where many organizations are operating to help the communities and keep on failing. Grégor thinks there is a better way. He is aspiring project managers to gain practical skills and understand the wheels of the work. He does this through his participation to different PM meetings, tips, and a dynamic teaching method with innovative PM methodologies.

As Director of Van Haren Learning Solutions, it’s Maurits’ goal and ambition to make sure his partners get the most out of learning and applying best practices. In his view, knowledge and education are the main instruments that play a key role in tackling the challenges of the 21st century. With Van Haren, Learning Solutions Maurits and his colleagues identify best practices that they believe have the capacity to tackle these big challenges and want to play a big role in facilitating trainers and students to adopt them.

Maurits van der Plas

Serge Huybrechts

In 2001, Serge started his professional life in IT and IT Service Management. There he got in touch with the ideas of continual improvement. Since then, continual improvement has been the red wire in what he does and how he works.

Over the last few years, Serge's role has naturally involved into the Agile space, with an emphasis on value delivery and continuous learning.

Next to consultancy work in his company WeCandor, he works as a trainer for Sugar Me.

Kamil is an experienced Program Management Lead, currently working for UCB Pharma. In his current role he is focused on creating value in early drug development through project/program management in the field of immunology and neurology to serve patients in need. Prior to joining UCB, he’s worked at GSK, NNE Pharmaplan and ran his own PM consulting company in Belgium.

Over the last 10 years, Kamil has been recognized for outstanding leadership and project management excellence by both the IPMA and PMI. In 2013, he received a prestigious IPMA Global Individual Award, and since then he has been part of the yearly Global IPMA Jury to select future winners.

Kamil Mroz

Øivind Haugland

Øivind has moved his passion from playing at the highest level of American football in Norway and competing for Norwegian champion in skateboarding to project management and delivering PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile courses. The result has been course participants getting amazing insights into how high performing teams depend on feedback, collaboration and learning quickly. Holding crucial conversations where stakes are high and getting to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible are traits Øivind brings to the stage.

Additionally Øivind spends his time working as a consultant being highly sought after where helping individuals and organizations reach their goals is a key result.

Barbara Goffioul is an expert in international engineering and construction projects who facilitates the access to local resources, cultures and practices for blue-chip CAPEX projects in the Benelux region, mainly in the pharmaceutical and data centers sectors. She is also an activist for neurodiversity at work and women in construction.

Barbara dedicates herself to improving international work relations. She has been a member of the People Task Force of the European Construction Institute and collaborated with the Loughborough University (UK) to develop a robust guidance tool for project management competency frameworks (PMCFs) and to examine the enabling conditions of high performing teams (HPTs) in particular of teams involving remote members. They published the report "Enabling High Performance in Globally Distributed Teams" in June 2017.

She has just recently founded the International Worksites Academy and established a partnership with the Hofstede Institute to offer intercultural training specifically tailored for multicultural engineering and construction projects’ teams.

Barbara Goffioul




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